Organizing Your Commercial/Music

Video Production with WRAP




Organizing Your Commercial/Music Video Production with WRAP



This article explores how WRAP can be a valuable tool for organizing and managing your commercial or music video production. Whether you're a director, producer, or part of the creative team, WRAP provides a centralized platform to streamline your workflow and keep everything in one place.


Creating and Sharing Ideas:

One of the key features of WRAP is its ability to facilitate collaboration from the early stages of your project. Directors can start by creating and sharing rough ideas and visual references as well as final treatments and briefs within the platform. This allows the entire team to have a clear vision of the creative direction right from the start.

Single Source of Truth and Flexibility

With WRAP, you can keep all project-related information in a single place, providing a central hub for your production. By having a single source of truth, everyone involved can access the most up-to-date information, ensuring alignment across the team. Moreover, WRAP offers flexibility, allowing you to customize and organize the platform to fit your specific production needs.

Organizing Scenes and Elements

To ensure a comprehensive breakdown of your production, WRAP allows you to create scenes and break them down by elements. This structured approach enables you to create an editable list of every detail that needs to be captured before the shoot. By categorizing elements, you can easily track progress and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Dedicated Workspaces for Each Department

WRAP provides an ability to create totally custom tabs that, in this case, could serve as dedicated workspaces for each department involved in your production. For example, a 'Cast' tab could be the place for the casting director to create profiles for each actor, upload related files, and present casting options to the client. Similarly, a 'Production Design' tab could become a centralized hub for the art department to share references, prop options, and collaborate with the director and client.

Streamlining Workflow with Tasks

To keep your production on track, WRAP offers a robust tasks tool. Assign jobs and responsibilities to your creative team, and track their progress within the platform. This ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities and contributes to a smooth and efficient workflow.

Centralized Contact Management

Gone are the days of searching for contact details across different platforms. WRAP allows you to keep all project and studio-related contacts in one place. As you collaborate with various stakeholders, their information is automatically saved into your studio's database, making it easy to access and connect with the right people when needed.


By utilizing WRAP in your commercial or music video production, you can create an organized and efficient workflow. From sharing ideas and references to organizing scenes and collaborating with different departments, WRAP streamlines the production process. With a centralized platform for communication, tasks, and contact management, you can save time, stay organized, and bring your creative vision to life seamlessly.


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