Streamlining Pre-Production for


A Guide to Using WRAP




Streamlining Pre-Production for Documentaries: A Guide to Using WRAP



In this guide, we will explore how WRAP can be a powerful tool for streamlining and organizing the pre-production phase of documentary filmmaking. By harnessing the features and capabilities of WRAP, you can enhance collaboration, optimize your workflow, and ensure a seamless pre-production process for your documentary.


Centralizing Your Documentary Pre-Production Efforts:

Pre-production for a documentary involves gathering and managing a wealth of information, from research materials and interview details to location scouting and budgeting. WRAP serves as a central hub to consolidate and organize all these essential elements, ensuring easy access for your entire team.

Research and Reference Gathering:

A solid foundation of research is crucial for any documentary project. With WRAP, you can create your custom dedicated tabs or blocks to compile and structure research materials. Seamlessly gather articles, videos, books, and other sources relevant to your documentary's subject matter. Having a centralized repository of information within WRAP empowers you to delve deeper into your research, uncover valuable insights, and strengthen your storytelling.

Efficient Interview Organization:

Interviews play a pivotal role in documentary filmmaking. WRAP simplifies the process by allowing you to use scenes, tabs, or blocks to create profiles for each interviewee. Store their biographical information, contact details, interview schedules and notes, and pertinent documents or files within WRAP. This consolidated approach enables you to manage and access crucial information related to your interviews, ensuring a well-structured and efficient approach to capturing impactful narratives.

Simplified Location Scouting and Management:

Choosing the right locations is paramount in creating a compelling documentary. WRAP offers the ability for you to create your own dedicated blocks or tabs to facilitate location scouting. Upload photos, notes, and other relevant information for potential locations. This consolidated approach empowers your team to compare options, collaborate effectively, and make informed decisions about the most suitable locations for your documentary.

Effective Budgeting and Expense Tracking:

Managing budgets and expenses is a critical aspect of documentary pre-production. You can organize a dedicated budgeting section in your WRAP project to help you track production costs. Monitor crew expenses, equipment rentals, and travel costs within the platform. By taking your budgeting to WRAP, you can maintain financial oversight, optimize resource allocation, ensure your documentary stays on track, and most importantly, unite every aspect of your production in WRAP.

Seamless Collaboration and Communication:

Smooth collaboration and effective communication are essential during pre-production. In WRAP, you can get real-time updates on your team’s progress, communicate and creatively collaborate seamlessly within the platform. By centralizing discussions and updates, WRAP minimizes the need for scattered email threads and ensures that every team member is aligned and up to date.

Organizing Assets with the Breakdown Feature:

With WRAP's scene breakdown feature, you can efficiently structure and categorize assets like gear, props, and special elements for your documentary. Assign assets to scenes, add details and notes, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Export comprehensive breakdown sheets in a calendar view to visualize your production schedule and stay on track. Simplify asset management and enhance your pre-production process with WRAP's powerful scene breakdown feature.


Leveraging WRAP's capabilities in organizing pre-production for your documentary empowers you to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration. By centralizing research, interviews, locations, budgeting, and communication within the platform, you can optimize your pre-production efforts. Implement the tips and techniques outlined in this guide to leverage WRAP effectively, laying a strong foundation for a successful and impactful documentary film.


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